This is a simulated phishing campaign by KMI.


You have been Phished!


Phishing is a form of cyberattack were an email tricks a user to provide sensitives and or personal information or to download and install malware on her device. As you can see an attacker could have obtained your credentials 


At UNESCO, we are receiving around 23,000 phishing messages a week and blocking about 800 malware-embedded messages, we need to avoid being victim of such attacks.


How to tell if an email is legitimate:

  • Hover your mouse over the link (do not click) to uncover the actual URL or destination,

  • Check for poor grammar and the spelling errors,

  • Vague or generic greetings … Dear customer, …

  • Urgent, enticing or threatening language,

  • Review the signature,
  • header


In the meantime, you will need to attend the following: